Q. What is a quote basket?

A. A ‘Quote Basket’ is similar to a shopping cart but requires less information (no job name) so that you can quickly populate a list of prices. You might want to see at one glance the price for 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 copies of the stationery you want, by adding these prices to the quote basket you can see and compare the total price for the different quantities and also the per unit price. Another thing you may want to see is the same quantity of your flyers but on 3 different stocks, so you could save a price on a 150gsm, 230gsm and the 310gsm in the quote basket.


Q. I’ve added a quote to my quote basket, where is it?

A. The ‘Quote Basket’ link is located at the top right of the screen. It is underneath the login section. Click on the link and all your saved quotes will appear. You can then have them sent to you by email or add them to your shopping cart.



Q. Do you have any testimonials?

A. Yes, the link is located on the homepage of our website. It is written in blue font.



Q. Where can I find print specifications?

A. Print specifications can be found on our ‘Print Support’ page. The link is located at the top of the screen underneath the words ‘Icprint & design’.



Q. I’ve forgotten my password, how can I login?

A. Go to the homepage of our website. Up the top of the screen just underneath the login section there is a link ‘Forgot password’. Click on the link and you will come to a screen which asks for your email address. Type in your email address, then click the ‘Submit’ button and your password will be emailed to you.



Q. How do I know what stock is best for me?

A. There are many stocks including thin papers, cardboards, deluxe, enviro and  more. It all depends on what sort of brand you have, what price suits you, if you need it to be scored or folded, if you need your product fast etc etc. It is best to contact one of our friendly team members on 1800 ICPRINT (1800 427 746) to discuss the options available. You can also see a stock description on the order pages by clicking on the  logo next to the stock drop down menu.



Q. Is there a charge for artwork changes? How much and how many are allowed to be made before there are charges?

A. Artwork is included and 5 artwork changes are free of charge. Our aim is to minimise the amount of artwork changes for your job. If we are unclear of what your vision is, one of our friendly team members will give you a call to clarify. This helps us to understand you, your business and your needs resulting in a fast turnaround time due to low artwork changes.



Q. Do all your prices include artwork, GST and freight?

A. We have two different pricing structures. One is for our retail clients where all prices include artwork (5 artwork changes free of charge), GST and freight. The other is for our trade clients where only GST and freight is included.



Q. How do I approve my order?

A. When we upload a new proof online you will be sent an email to view it. The email comes with a link to approve your artwork. Follow the instructions given. Make sure to double check delivery details, stock, quantity etc.



Q. Is my word/publisher file print ready?

A. No. Print ready files must be a pdf. They must also follow the print specifications detailed in the ‘Print Support’ page. Click here to go to ‘Print Support’ page.



Q. Why is there a white space around my photo and black lines around the artwork when I view my proof?

A. If you zoom in the white space around your photo will disappear. The black lines in the corner of your proof are trim marks, they are there to show you where your job will be cut.



Q. Why can’t my reply email approval be enough to approve the order?

A. Approving your job online gives you the control to make sure you are receiving exactly what you order. You can view the final print ready artwork, double check delivery details, double check order details (stock, quantity, finish, price). Then send the job to our printing press straight from the website.



Q. How do I track my job ‘track and trace?

A. Go to the homepage of our website www.icprint.com.au. On the left hand side underneath the product categories you will find the ‘Track and Trace’ feature. Click on the button and it will ask you to login if you haven’t already. There you will be able to find all of your jobs and check their status.

You can also check the details (stock, qty etc) by clicking on the job ID number, view the artwork file, trigger the ETA email (by clicking on the production commenced date)  and  courier details email (by clicking on the with courier date)  or send yourself a copy of your invoice.



Q. Can I re-order something from months/years ago (reprint)?

A. Yes. We keep on file all artwork from the last 5 years. To re order you can simply email us and we will create your order online and send you the proof. Alternatively you can place the order online yourself if you know the details of your order, in the design brief text box just let us know the artwork you want us to use and we can send you a proof for approval.



Q. I can’t open my proof, need help!

A.  If the page says ‘Opps, link appears to be broken’ please give us a quick call or email so that we can reload your artwork file, however if viewing the artwork proof in your web browser doesn’t appear to be working, or is taking too long you can download the file direct your computer.

This can be done by right clicking on the artwork file name in the track and trace section of our website home page. Simply right click on the file and selecting ‘save target as’ then click save once you have selected the destination you would like the file to be saved to.



Q. How do I get a quote that is not on the website?

A. Up the top of the screen on the website (underneath Icprint and Design) there is a link called ‘Quote Request’. Click on the link and it will take you through to the ‘Quote Request’ screen. Type in all relevant details and any details which may help us understand your job better. You can also upload any picture or design layouts to show us what you’re after. One of our icprint team members will then be notified of your quote request and a quote will be sent back to you as soon as possible.



Q. I need my job ASAP can you help me?

A. Yes, we can advise you (depending on the product) which stock and varnish which will print faster. We can also do overnight freight. If you have an urgent job it is best to contact us by phone on 1800 ICPRINT (1800 427 746) and we can talk you through the best process to receive your job sooner.


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